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Postby philhickling on Tue Feb 13, 2001 10:02 am

Is it possible to program the buttons on a palmtop to call the runtime AND run my application all in one. Or better still, can I compile to an .exe (or the palmtop equivalent?) so that users dont see or need the runtime? I can't find a way to easily switch back to my app, after running it, then something else. Currently I have a button to call the PocketC runtime, then click on my icon - but it leaves numerous versions of the runtime running, even though I only have a single instance of my app.

PocketC is brilliant! I got up and running with Pocket C and PC Form so easily. Thank you.
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Postby guy on Tue Feb 13, 2001 2:32 pm

You don't have the runtime or PocketC installed properly if you have to run apps from the shell. You should just be able to run the app directly.

You may have to add the app to the start menu on a PPC/PocketPC if you don't have a file browser.

I suggest that you also look at Tony's LaunchPad utility (see further down the forum).

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