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PostPosted: Fri Feb 16, 2001 2:49 pm
by ianf
I am just about to release Space Treker V2 for Jornada 720 on Beta test as the HP machine is now quite widely in use.

Which PocketC runtime should users install, the PocketPC one or the CE HPC? Tony must know cause he has a J720.

( I can't affort to buy yet another CE device, I have 4 already )


PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2001 8:10 am
by ajones
Hey Ian, sorry for the delay getting back. I use the HPC Pro edition on the 720. It has always seemed to work fine...

Sign me up as a beta tester!

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2001 10:51 am
by ianf
Thanks Tony, I have a few users with 720's also who I can check out.
I have had an amazing response from 720 owners re the beta but your feedback, being a programmer & a PocketC user will be of major benefit. The code is ready. I just need to make the setup program. That will take till the end of the week due to other commitments.