CASIO BE300 installer hilarity

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Postby guy on Fri Jan 10, 2003 2:52 pm

I've just built CEAPI for the Casio BE300 and have been looking at the special installer for this device.

The instructions have clearly been machine translated from Japanese to English via a third language. Possibly Swahili.

The manual includes the following instructions:

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Please create a self-defrosting file in the following procedure.

1. Please Create Arbitrary Holders.

2. Please copy the file which you made(Setup.ini, ***.cbea, readme.txt, and a license.txt) and Setup.exe of offer in this time to the folder. (There is not changed except Setup.exe)

3. Please Specify Copied File and Compress by WinZip.

(Please do not compress the folder. It is necessary to specify a file directly and to compress.)

4. Set the Following Option in "WinZip Self-Extractor" and it is File Creation of Self-Defrosting Form.

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It goes on some more...

I am fascinated by this idea of self defrosting software. To think that all of this time we've been manually defrosting our code rather than using a program to do it.

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