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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2003 4:00 pm
by Symetrix
Is it possible to chage the color of controls? I am using PCForm and cannot seem to do this as its not in the properties menu, so does it need to be done in pocketc code, or is it impossible to do? It's just white labels on a gray background look pretty bad

PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2003 8:58 pm
by KOU
You can't do this with PocketC Standerd Library.
You have to get guy's CEAPI extention.

It was in one of the samples.
(Probably, winapp.pc)

Get it here:


PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2003 7:54 am
by guy
As KOU says, it's a restriction of PocketC. PCForm uses only standard PocketC library calls in the programs that it generates. The V1.26 version, which may be released when I have time, uses CEAPI for much of its own code, but still generates code with only the standard PocketC library functions in it. This may change by the time I've finished. If it does then it will be an option in the preferences.

The CEAPI colour change code only works with controls created through CEAPI using CreateWindow(). It doesn't work with controls created using the PocketC createctrl() function. I've worked out a way to do this, all I have to do is find some time to add it.

PocketC CE API interface:
PCForm and CE API forum: