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Postby brendan on Sun Mar 04, 2001 9:52 pm

Is there any plan to have pocketC complile to a .exe, wouldent it be great to select your cpu type and complile to .exe (surely it can't be hard), this would be great for icon creation etc.. and users would not have to worry about getting the runtime. (I've lost count of people having problems installing the runtime on there system, not allowing my apps to run :( (I not bagging out pocketC, I love it), but I think compliing to .exe is somthing that would really help..... I understand that it makes the developers of pocketc less known, but, hey I don't mind putting in credits for them in my apps. If pocketC is to really hit the market in a bigger way like other utils of a simmillar nature (VB, VC++ etc), then I think .exe compiling needs to be looked at. (lets face it it's an easy language, with just about all the functions you need to do anything !!)

Please consider !
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Postby guy on Mon Mar 05, 2001 7:43 am

Look at Tony's Launch Pad application. This does nearly what you want. You still need to include the runtime in the distribution, but you get an exe and the ability to use icons.

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Postby ajones on Mon Mar 05, 2001 7:59 am

It also gives you access to command line paramters - something that really bugged me about PocketC.
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Postby darwin on Mon Mar 05, 2001 9:07 am

maybe Brendan is not that wrong - how about this:
The runtime module could be a dll (library) (couldn't?). The dll is executed through an exefile that tells the dll where to find the applet information. That exe file couldn't be so hard to build

<b>But - is it a real problem?</b>
The current method is ok. Maybe there are problems, but as you can see, they can be solved. We shouldn't ask for things we don't really need.

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Postby cao on Mon Mar 05, 2001 8:23 pm

>The runtime module could be a dll (library) >(couldn't?). The dll is executed through an >exefile that tells the dll where to find >the applet information. That exe file >couldn't be so hard to build.

Yes it is already been prototyped and done during V3's prototype stage. It was tested on the destkop using a desktop exe stub (x86).

Just matter of time ... :-)
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Postby brendan on Thu Mar 08, 2001 9:08 pm

yer, thats what I like to hear. no offence, but some end users can be a little "lame", the moment you tell them "yep it works fine you just need to download this to us it.....", they basically just switch off etc...

-when is V3 arriving ?, how much will it cost v2 users ?, or will if be an upgrade, I have the desktop version ?
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