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PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2001 6:44 pm
by rawn shea
I am a lapsed Pocket PC user recently returning to the process. I have a registered version of PocketPC (2.0, build time stamp ov 3 1999) I am using a HP 660 LX with Windows CE 20. build 7258-7260. My question is:

1. Do I have the most current version of the app that will work with CE 2.0 or has there been an upgrade I do not have.
2. My battery died and I had to copy the PocketC directory contents back from my backup to the device. Are there directory entries required by PocketC that have not been adjusted because of my install method?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2001 7:14 pm
by airdrik
PocketC v2 is the latest version of PocketC for WinCE devices, but v3 is in beta testing right now, and should not be long before it's out (we hope). As for your other problem, I will leave that up to someone who knows the answer.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2001 8:48 am
by guy
I have an hp620lx upgraded to CE2.11

The build time for my pceditor is Dec 18 1999@16:38

It may be worth checking for an update for your version.

It is certainly worth while getting hold of the latest runtime. If you get the V3 runtime it includes runtimes for both V2 and V3 apps.


PostPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2001 11:05 am
by rawn shea
Thanks guy but if V3 is in beta I'd just as soon wait. As to the second part of the question, Last night I tries compiling and running one of my old apps after reinstalling PocketC as desacribed in the root post. Compile works fine from the editor. However, compile and run complains that [insert project name] or one of itsa components are unavailable. If i open the shell and select the app file manually it runs fine. How do IO relink the two?

PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2001 7:26 am
by guy
V3 runtime isn't in beta. The released desktop compiler generates V3 code.

The V3 runtime includes the V2 runtime. If you have a V2 app then the V2 runtime runs it, if you have a V3 app then the V3 runtime runs it.

Cunningly managed by the supply of two files. One called pcshell.exe and another called pcshellv2.exe

The device version of the V3 compiler is the thing that's in beta.

You need the V3 runtime for anything that has been compiled with the desktop compiler. PCForm uses the desktop compiler in its latest version. I don't know which other apps out there are compiled with V3.

By getting the V3 runtime you also get the latest version of the V2 runtime.


PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2001 12:03 pm
by ianf
Hey Guy, I think it's not 100% accurate to say that V3 runtime is out of Beta. I cannot produce an app which runs anywhere approaching V2 speed yet as you know and anyone compiling with V3 will have similar issues. File handling & graphics are my major issues & while there is a way to improve this (remove the callback stuff) I don't know whether that's what's going to happen and I need a runtime installer for all the platforms without callback or I'm still stuck in the same place I was in September :( moan moan moan... anyway in my tiny mind it's not live until it's usable to the same level as V3.


PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2001 2:57 pm
by guy
I agree that speed is a problem with the V3 runtime.

The slow file operation speed made me completely rethink the way PCForm handled files. The result is a lot more elegant and flexible than before. I'd been meaning to do something with the file management for two years.

In a way, the V3 speed has helped the program by forcing me to do the modifications.

However, it would be nice to have that part of the runtime back up to speed. Nothing else seems to cause me any problems.