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Postby kjm on Sat Mar 10, 2001 9:46 am

Many thanks to those who replied. I did in fact try it, but in hindsight with a poor choice of file. I used the PocketC help file, and I originally thought that it hadn't worked. I now know that it had but just takes a very long time to load, which fooled me in to thinking that it hadn't worked.

It took much longer in fact than it does from within the PocketC editor? Any ideas as to why?

I also downloaded the shareware programme and messed around. I then looked at a file I created and also the PocketC help file "HTML" code and yes indeed I think it is fairly straight forward to create your own with a text editor, either from scratch or by modifying an existing file to suit your needs.

One other point; it may be possible to create a page in Microsoft's HTML editor Front Page Express (fpxpress) which I found was provided free on my Windows 95 CD, and then rename it to *.htp I haven't tried this yet.
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