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Postby vvdleun on Mon Oct 20, 2003 6:44 am

Hello everybody,

This is my first post, so maybe it's nice to give a little introduction. I'll try to keep it as short as possible ;)

I am a professional Visual Basic 6 developer from The Netherlands. I own a iPaq H3950 running the PocketPC 2002 operating system. I have no plans to upgrade to 2003 for the time being. In my spare time I'd like to toy around with my iPaq and would love to write some small programs for it, just for fun mainly.

I have already downloaded eVB from Microsoft, but as I am always developing VB programs, I'd like to use a different language for my CE-"projects". I love VB, but PocketC seems more like a language I like to use for experimenting. I have written C and even a little bit C++ programs in the past, but I fear that learning VC++ would take too much time (but will probably be worth the effort eventually in the long run).

I have just met PocketC a few days ago and have read about the fact that it is (sadly!!) discontinued/unsupported by its developer(s). Is it still worth it to buy the desktop version (as I want to develop on my PC) to create some small projects, or will the bugs eventually drive me crazy? I read that version 2 is a bit more stable than V3, but I can't find it on the site. Will the registrationcode from V3 work in v2 (if I could get hold of it?).

Remember, I have no plans to write huge programs at this time. Maybe some small static games like Hangman :).

What are the most important bugs for V3?

Many thanks for your time and interest!

Best regards,
Vincent van der Leun
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Postby wolfgang on Mon Oct 20, 2003 6:29 pm


I'd recommend you stick with eVB since you want to develop on the PC anyway. PocketC (V2) would be only worth a thought at all in case you want to play around dirctely on the device. In that case, here is the download link (i.e. they still have it on the website, but it is hidden) - the registration code for V3 will also work for V2:


Major bugs in V3:

compiler is slooooooow

generated code is slooooooow

compiler breaks when you have too many (sometimes as little as maybe a hundred?) defines

compiled code crashes out of a gazillion mysterious reasons; I have several larger program that work perfectly in V2 (I even sell them successfully!), but each one of them crashes immediately when compiled with V3

documentation is woefully out of date and has many known errors

you cannot test your code in the PC based emulator because there is no PocketC runtime module (virtual machine) for the emulator

also there is no graphical GUI builder like in eVB, unless you your Guy Sprackland's PCForm (which, I have to say, is an excellent piece of software), but this only runs on the handheld itself.

Sorry for the bad news


Composing music on the PocketPC! - http://www.pdamusician.com
Composing music on the PocketPC! - http://www.pdamusician.com
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Postby vvdleun on Sun Nov 02, 2003 8:59 am

Hi there,

Sorry for my late reply, but many thanks for your detailled answer. I guess I am indeed going to stick with eVB for the time being. I am checking out NSBasic, but it doesn't work too well on my desktop machine.

Too bad, I love the idea of PocketC.. let's hope the code of PocketC once gets in the hands of a good developer, that actually cares about their customers and userbase. It's a shame little companies are treating their customers like this.

Good luck with your coding, Wolfgang. I have checked out your website.

Best regards, Vincent
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