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Postby airdrik on Mon Apr 09, 2001 1:38 pm

What are the first about 60? bytes of a bitmap? I would like to know because I would like to save a bitmap rep of the screen to a bitmap than just blt it to the screen. Unless there is an easier way to do this.

I am using v2 of pocketC on an HPC.

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Postby Justinespinosa on Mon Apr 09, 2001 3:33 pm

The first 14 bytes are the header, and the next 40 bytes are the info header. then comes the palette (for less than 24bit bitmaps ) and then the bitmaps.

everything is described here


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Postby wolfgang on Mon Apr 09, 2001 3:33 pm


you find a vast collection of file type descriptions, including bitmaps, at

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