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pkc_hpro211.exe dependencies

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 6:50 pm
by picstart
I am having an awful time with Win2000 and Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8. Often in my experience Microsoft products are at times the least compatible with Microsoft products. The issue is pkc_hpro211.exe depends on CE services aka active sync or whatever it will be called next week. pkc_hpro211.exe appears to unpack to a folder but I have no idea as to which folder since the pop up advising that the next link with Active sync will download it prevents me assigning a known folder. Activesync doesn't work on my HPW-600ET ( I suspect the HPW-600ET wont send a valid ID so Activesync will not marry it to the Microsoft bloatware on my desktop) so I have been transferring files via a CF card and using CAB's ( pretty effective and faster than the serial link in Activesync even if it worked). I have the runtime cab for pocketc SH4 installed on the HPW-600ET. I assume the development is done on the target pocket PC so I need to find a way to get the unpacked data down to the HPW-600ET. Any ideas how to proceed given Activesync is broken?

Re: pkc_hpro211.exe dependencies

PostPosted: Wed Dec 19, 2007 6:15 pm
by picstart
Well I gave up on Activesync. Microsoft bloats up the software and then dumbs it down ( hides useful technical info) so it appears to be user friendly. Syncing is complicated in a business enviroment but much simpler if all you have one desktop linked to one CE device. Anyway the way I found around the bloat is that the download files are stored in Program Files...MicrosoftActiveSync waiting for syncing.I run a run an Activesync desktop wrapped download file with Active sync executes some bloat but lucky for me sends the appropriate files to be downloaded into Program Files...MicrosoftActiveSync . Since My Active sync is broken somewhere in DLL hell or insane ini or ridiculous register areas it will fail to download...just as well I don't want to automate syncing anyway. The CABs have extension to correlate with the specific device SH3 SH4 ARM etc. The ini files are non specific mostly. If you copy the CAB and ini to in mycase a CF card using the Desktop and then transport the files physically by un plugging the CF card from the desk top and then inserting it in the Ce device. The CAB can be executed on the CE device by double clicking ( a patented innovation owned by Microsoft).