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PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2001 12:29 am
by wolfgang

how can I display an image on a button? In other words, I have a normal clickable button, but instead of a text label I want to put an image onto it. I tried to include the styel BS_BITMAP (0x80) when I created the button, and then sending a sendmsg (buttin_id, BM_SETIMAGE, xxx, yyy) in several variations (xxx = path_to_bmp_file and yyy = path_to_bmp_file, xxx = TRUE and yyy = path_to_bmp_file, xxx = path_to_bmp_file and yyy = path_to_bmp_file), but no success.

The purpose of this would simply be to create buttons that are all black. I thought of creating them with a black rectangle as image. Is there another way
Maybe there is another way to do that, e.g. setting the button colour to black?

Any help greatly appreciated!


PostPosted: Wed Apr 25, 2001 4:53 am
by Justinespinosa
The paramter for this message i not a file name, but a handel to bitmap loaded in the memory. You can't acces these handels with PocketC.
But like always, i think a DLL can be done to support these messages.


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