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Postby darwin on Wed Jun 06, 2001 1:19 pm

I know that this question does not belong here - but I also wanted to tell you why I was away for so long.

At first I want to know, how to add items to listview controlls - i haven't figured out yet how to do it.

So long now. three months ago my ipaq didn' work any more and after one months (I couldn't send it for repair because I was on holyday) Then one month later I got it back - but I had problems with it for another two weeks - the support said that the total lost of memory is maybe a Software problem, so I didn't install Media Player 7 any more. The iPaq works fine since I did that.
Then I began to work with C + +. I recognized that it is not that hard as it looks like in the beginning. I want to develop a file explorer and an editor. That's why I need the icon list view...

But I won't stop using PocketC ;) - although I haven't written a real application with it yet.

Btw. I am working with Tree views - and they are really easy to use. Maybe you should integrate them in PocketC, Kevin. Just need to add some "native" Macro Functions in the PocketC language.

So long now -

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