speed problem with 3.0 version?

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Postby tobbi on Thu Jun 14, 2001 8:25 am

In the past i wrote an program with PocketC V.2. It simply does comunicate to an other device by using the serial port and it works very fine. Now i have installed the version 3 of PocketC. I took my code and let i built new. The building took an long time. Then i run the app and all looks perfect. But here is the problem:
Then i start the other device to comunicate, it seems that my program is'nt fast enouth. The comunication fails for speed reasons! The comunication needs only 9600 baud. Is this realy poosible.
I reinstalled version 2 and it works??
Any ideas?
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Postby ianf on Thu Jun 14, 2001 10:33 am

<font face=Tahoma></font id=Tahoma>Hello Tobbi,
Last time I tried V3 compiler I found it to be very much slower than V2. I was told that this was because of a 'callback function'(though I don't know what that is).
V2 compiled code will run just as fast with V3 runtime because it also contains v2 runtime.

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Postby tobbi on Fri Jun 15, 2001 7:41 am

Hallo Ian,

thank you for your answer. But i want to modify my program in some points and so i have to use the V2 compiler.
The second point is that i think the most written programs are wanted to run as fast as possible. (or not?)

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