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Postby brendan on Wed Jun 27, 2001 10:54 pm

Just a quick Q, I've downloaded the latest default.dat to use the new bmp capture function, but I've notice that the new default.dat is half the size of the old one, cao care to explain ?

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Postby David on Thu Jun 28, 2001 1:18 am


I think the latest default.dat is saved in ASCII format,which is half the size of the UNICODE format.

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Postby bvinas on Thu Jun 28, 2001 1:28 am

I was wondering about that.

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Postby Justinespinosa on Thu Jun 28, 2001 11:35 am

If you're using the device edition i suggest you to edit the unicode file yourself. (i.e. with my program multi window notepad )


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