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Postby MedPretzel on Wed Dec 06, 2000 5:15 pm


Can someone help me? :-)

I've been trying to get palmflash (what's offered as a resource on this site) to work on my handheld (Velo 500) and I can't seem to get it right. I've changed "define" to "#define." I've also changed all the "addbuttons" to createctrl and so on (and they sort of work). Otherwise, I have changed nothing (except for some cosmetic changes). I can load my cardset, but I cannot get the "Test Mode" to work.

I'm very new to programming, and I have little or no knowledge of how to fix this. I would gladly send you my source code, if you would like. Thanks a million
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Postby wolfgang on Tue Dec 12, 2000 4:25 am

Hallo Martina!

I think you know me already (a hint: BFSoft's ABC tutorial).
I just got a Palm (actually a Visor), and I have a WindowsCE device, which means I can check out both versions of the program. Just send me all you have, i.e. the original program as well as your converted one, and I will see what I can do.

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Postby MedPretzel on Tue Feb 27, 2001 5:28 am

.<font face=Arial></font id=Arial><font color=purple></font id=purple>Danke Wolfgang!

I worked out the bugs on my own, but thanks again for the offer. I'm going to try to start a new Database Program now - just something to call up information - maybe something to add as well.

Thanks again!

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