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PostPosted: Tue Jun 11, 2002 5:46 am
by ff33cc
i have a servo motor controller board, which is controlled by the palm via serial interface.
1. there is this little programm which should open the serial connection to the board. the parameters are good as said the board manufactors, but i always get 0 as output. should this be or not ?
2. the board accepts ASCII strings, like "BD1SV1M100" meaning "Board 1, Servo 1, Move 100" but the sersend(), command does only support 1 char at once (seams to me). how can i transform this ASCII string line to sersend() compatible format ?? are there better possibilities to solve that problem ?

heres the code:
// Serial TEST


int ret;
puts("Serial Test with SV203\n");
ret= seropen(9600, "8N1N", 1000);

puts("seropen() - " + ret + "\n");



thanks a lot in advance

PS I/O board is Pontechs SV203 (