Bluetooth with PocketC

Postby odanielv on Fri Oct 25, 2002 10:27 pm

PocketC doesn't support bluetooth :(
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Postby shayneham on Sun Oct 27, 2002 11:42 pm

Please pay attention to where you are putting your post's, this obviously does not belong in the Knowledge Base/PocketC on Palm OS forum, and you must likely will not get any answer to your question in here since those using orbforms most likely don't frequent this area.

--Your new edit seems to imply you are talking about PoctketC only now, so i will attempt to give you some kind of answer since that is what I use. There are a lot of things that PoctketC does not support directly, however you can use native libraries in connection with PocketC, which means if you know C++ you can add your own bluetooth support for PocketC through native Libraries, just do a search for native Library on all the forums and it will give you some good info on where to get started.


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