Postby troyk9 on Sat Dec 07, 2002 3:25 pm

I can not figure out how to change the standard icon to a bitmap/icon of my own.
I created a 32X32 8bit bitmap in photoshop ex. bmap832.bmp
then in the PDE used:

@licon "bmap832.bmp";

when I compile I do not receive any errors. The bitmap is in the same folder as the code. When I go back to the POSE though, the icon is still the standard Pocket C icon. I have nothing against that cute little icon, but I have 1 for each program that I have created and everything looks the same --

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Postby troyk9 on Sat Dec 07, 2002 3:29 pm

oops didn't proof read
I used licon8"bmap832.bmp";
and also tried
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Postby troyk9 on Thu Dec 12, 2002 3:29 pm

I got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
using photoshop or equivalent
change the mode of your bitmap to greyscale then to bitmap mode.
your bitmap will probably look nothing like it used to look. Adjust the image size to 32 x 32,save the bitmap as eg "bitm321.bmp" if you scaled it to 32 X 32. Then adjust the bitmap to 15 x 9 and I mean 15 x 9 not 9 x 15. Save that as "bitmap151.bmp".
I chose 321 and 151 to remind me the size 31 and 1 bit and 15 and 1 bit respectively.
Now take your original greayscale image which is probably 4 or 8 bits and scale it to 32 x 32 and 15 x 9 naming them "bitmap324.bmp" and bitmap154.bmp" if you saved them as 4 bit images - again 324 reminds me 32 x4bits and 15 x 4 bits. this will all make sense soon.

save the images in the folder that you are saving your code.
when writing the code include the following:
@licon1 "bitmap321.bmp";
@licon4 "bitmap324.bmp";
@sicon1 "bitmap151.bmp";
@sicon4 "bitmap154.bmp";
you must declare those unreadable 1 bit bitmaps, but when you also declare your 4 bit images; the 4 bit images are what are displayed on your POSE and on your Palm.
This took Jeremy's help and many hours of playing around with Pocket C and Adobe Photoshop.
The images will be cut off on the bottom by the text name of the programs so when you resize and image - create a new canvas slightly larget than your image, place your image towards the top and then resize so there will be white space on the bottom that the program's text will cut off rather than your image.
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