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PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2003 2:05 am
by md_lasalle
What is the best way to put a Bitmap that I have on my desktop computer into my palm to use it with my program... I tried to study PilRC a bit but when I double-clik the exe file it gives me an error that it cannot find "cygwin1.dll" ... Perhaps because I use windows XP...

PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2003 2:31 am
by jstadolnik
You can get the dll here:

It's best to execute pilrc from a dos (or bash) shell so that you can pass in arguments easily, otherwise you have to make a batchfile to pass in arguments.


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PostPosted: Tue Jan 07, 2003 9:46 pm
by md_lasalle
What arguments should I use to convert a .bmp to a .prc ?

I tried to read a lot but I dont understand everything... (I don't use english as a primary langage...that's why!)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2003 12:30 am
by jstadolnik
Create a file with an .rcp extention with a text editor. The file should contain lines like this:

BITMAP ID 4000 "image1.bmp"
BITMAP ID 4001 "image2.bmp"
BITMAP ID 4002 "image3.bmp"
BITMAP ID 4003 "image4.bmp"
BITMAP ID 4004 "image5.bmp"

Each bitmap should have its own unique ID (1000 or higher).

See the PilRC manual for other bitmap commands: BITMAPCOLOR, etc.

On the dos command line do:
pilrc -ro my_rcp_file.rcp my_bitmap_file.prc


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2003 1:26 am
by md_lasalle
Thanks A Lot!

BTW do you know how to wrap a line in a label... I tried \n but it doesn't work

PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2003 2:03 am
by jstadolnik
Use a \r rather than \n on labels to produce a multi-line effect.


The PToolboxLib guy.