Pre- 3.5 ROMS (success)

Postby Mikael on Thu Sep 25, 2003 6:55 am

I hope these commments will be of some use to other beginners.

I mananged to solve the problem with the Gremlin alerts. As well as the now cleaner array, it turned out to be a missing form for my title page shich was giving the 'windows cannot be under forms' alert-see earlier post and I think the other problem was due to a form being reloaded when switching back to the main program from a menu function. In my opinion it is well worthwile trying to get an app running smoothly under gremlins as it can turn up things-which probably not technically bugs or things which stop your app running smoothly in normal testing on the Emulator and Simulator-may cause unforseen problems in the future. Also, I tested the app with Gremlins on several ROMs.

Thanks for the buttons faking info Joe,

I'll give it a try and see what happens.

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