Interoperability with DataViz BeyondContacts

Postby jderoo on Fri Nov 14, 2003 4:04 pm

I used to use DataViz's DesktopToGo on my Palm to synchronize to Outlook on my PC. That tool handled the transfer of data between the Palm's native Date Book, To Do list, Address, and Memo Pad applications and Outlook's various folders. For PocketC, I had a folder of notes in Outlook that was kept synchronized with the Memo Pad on the Palm, and everything worked reasonably well.

Recently, I "upgraded" to DataViz's Beyond Contacts on my Palm to synchronize from Outlook on my PC. Beyond Contacts does not use the native applications on the Palm - it has its own versions of each of them that have more features and tighter integration with Outlook. The problem I have is that PocketC looks for memos in Memo Pad, which is now unused on my system, while the actual memos are sitting in Beyond Contacts.

Is there a way to get PocketC to look for the memos in BeyondContacts?

I figure if that doesn't work I'll reactivate the conduit just to the Memo Pad.
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