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PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2001 2:03 am
by cao
Here is a simple method to capture the screen.

CaptureBmp is added to allow PocketC users to capture screen.

XPos, YPos, Width and Height of the area
File path that indicates the bitmap file

After the call, you should find these bitmap files located at the root directory.

For example:

CaptureBmp(0,0,screenx(), screeny(),"screen1.bmp");
CaptureBmp(0,0,screenx()/2, screeny()/2,"screen2.bmp");
CaptureBmp(100,100,screenx(), screeny(),"screen3.bmp");
CaptureBmp(0,0,100, 100,"screen4.bmp");

Note: screenx() and screeny() returns the Width and Height of the device screen.

Kevin Cao.