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Postby ajones on Fri Jan 05, 2001 12:20 am

<font size=5><b><u>Pike - Pocket Icon Editor - v1.0</u></b></font id=size5>
Pike is a tool for createing and editing icons and small bitmaps.

Screenshot of Pike's viewer screen:
<img src="http://www.onhiatus.com/Software/screenshots/pikeview.gif" border=0>

Screenshot of Pike's edit screen:
<img src="http://www.onhiatus.com/Software/screenshots/pikeedit.gif" border=0>

<font size=4><b><u>Download:</u></b></font id=size4>
<ul><li>SH3: For SH3 based Windows CE devices (39 KB)
<li>MIPS: For MIPS based Windows CE devices (39 KB)
<li>Universal: For other CPU based Windows CE devices (i.e. StrongARM or x86) (33 KB)
Note: Non-native (universal) version has some loss of functionality - see readme file


<font size=4><b><u>To Use:</u></b></font id=size4><ul><li>Download the apropriate zip file (above)</li>
<li>Copy the CAB file to device and double click to install.</li>
<li>To Run Pike select Pike under Programs on the Start menu.</li>
<li>Pike's icon files can be used like any other icon on a desktop PC. To use on a Windows CE device see my companion application <b>Launch Pad</b>.</li>


<font size=4><b><u>Requirements:</u></b></font id=size4><ul><li>Any Windows CE 2.0 (or higher) device.</li>
<li>Orbworks' Pocket C runtime ver. 2.0 (December 18 or later build)</li>


<font size=4><b><u>Current Version:</u></b></font id=size4><ul><li>The latest version is Version 1.0 and is dated October 22, 2000.</li>


<font size=4><b><u>Known Problems:</u></b></font id=size4><ul><li>Sections saved as Bitmaps sometimes have a few extra pixels of width so that Pike doesn't have to break up bytes (the bitmap rows have to be padded to 4 byte boundaries)</li>


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