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Postby Velvis on Thu Apr 19, 2001 4:33 pm

I have a function that gets passed a float value, in addition to what the function does I would like to get the maximum and minimum value that has been passed to it. The High Value works since HighValue starts at zero, and any number passed to it will be larger the first time around. However the LowValue doesnt work since the starting LowValue is zero and is lower than any number passed.
Code is below.
Can anyone share some tips?


Point(float val, int item)
{int x,y;
if (val>HighValue) HighValue=val;
if(val<LowValue) LowValue=val;
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Postby wolfgang on Thu Apr 19, 2001 10:40 pm


well, in "normal" C you could define HighValue and LowValue as static inside the function and initialize them with far-outlying values. In PocketC, you have to use global variables and initialize them in your main() function.



// define highest possible number
#define MAX_VAL 1e37

float HighValue, LowValue;

Point (float val, int item)
if (val > HighValue) { HighValue = val; }
if (val < LowValue) { LowValue = val; }

main ()
// initialize with impossibly low/high start values
HighValue = -MAX_VAL;
LowValue = MAX_VAL;
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