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Postby kislui on Thu May 13, 2004 6:20 pm

When I compile the following code I get "initializer doesn't match variabel type" error, anybody knows why?!

string man:?:;

man[0]= "c000000000000ffc0000000000f19fc0000000007fbdfc000000000cffff8000000001017ff8000000001000df80000000110a05f8000000001005df800000040100edf80000000011a0df8000008001600cf800004000f000df80000b80a1020df80000d4f29000df800009100d0009d800009120d0029980000810010029b" +
"800004140b22099000009308d612b380000410f1560a1e00004178110cb07000042c85253a030000561211f4a07000054c83780e07000039c2dc02c0e00000e46f207e0e000003f374c0c040000001d7c8180000000038f301800000001d51c618000000075ee99f00000003ea7cd7380000003363578780000007889fc0700" +
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Postby Eli on Thu May 27, 2004 2:45 pm

Your variable is not defined as an array.

Try changing your variable to just "man" or make the definition an array.

string man;
string man:?:;


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