Ceating Windows files in the SD card.

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Postby Vigon on Thu Jun 16, 2005 9:42 pm

there are new SD cards with a USB connector integrated:
http://www.gizmodo.com/gadgets/peripher ... 028238.php
How can we create text files int SD Card using the Virtual File Systems (VFS) to be accesed from windows using the USB connector.
This is the historic desire of create files to be used by
windows applications without the use of conduits or the hotsync.
A PocketC applet creating a comma-delimited format file in the SD card suitable for spreadsheet (like Excel) post-processing.
Thanks for any suggestions:?:
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Postby dewey on Sat Jun 25, 2005 2:19 am

Yes, just create/write to the file using the VFS APIs.
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