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Postby ianf on Thu Jan 18, 2001 2:21 pm

Because I have several hundred users now I receive lots of e-mails regularly asking for updates to Space Treker which I can't provide because I cannot compile a large enough app in V2 and the code produced from V3 goes very slowly.

I would really like to give people some good news as I have been stringing them along for months. I don't really want to convert the whole program to C++ as I would rather write a new game. A re-write of Space Treker would not generate enough cash :)

Any news however brief is welcome, even if it's to say that performance won't change, at least I will then know what to do with my time
( at least My wife is happy because all the decorating is getting done )

Regards & keep smiling

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Postby Admin on Fri Jan 19, 2001 12:37 am

Hi Ian:

Your concern is one of my to do.

> A re-write of Space Treker would not generate enough cash :)
You are right. I need to make decisions base on the demand and time as well.

PocketC 3.0 has some performance issues. I know that and it hasn't been one of my top concerns. I checked out the cool graphics with your latest version and very impressed. I didnot know u are holding back releasing the 2.0 version.

Last week, I finished the long waited documentation and example code to extending the default API with Dlls.

Again, I will do what I can. Mean while, help out some of the house work. *grin*

Last week, optimized device compile time by changing it back to 1 pass.

After this weekend, I will let u know the runtime optimization.

After that, I am still shooting for the release date for device 3.0 which will include all the optimization.

Can u send me a copy of the latest space treker, I can use it to find out which part of the runtime is slowest and fix that. It will be helpful for me to nail down the problem.

Thanks for helping PocketC for a such long time. How is your next project coming ?
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