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Postby Discostew on Fri Nov 09, 2001 11:37 pm

Hi, this is my very first time using PocketC for the ARM processor (in fact the first time using any C language). I've got myself a little familiar with it (its sorta like VB, which I can really program with), but I still need a lot of help. Where is the best place to find tutorials for PocketC/C/etc.? Once I'm familiar with it, then I'll be able to ask actual questions. One of the things I want to do is be able to use DLLs in my programs like GAPI for games, but I have no knowledge of how to do that. Please reply...
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Postby guy on Sat Nov 10, 2001 12:06 pm

The best starting place is to look at the sites on the PocketC web ring. Follow the "links" link on the main OrbWorks home page. The Bsoft Absolute Beginners Corner has a useful tutorial on it.

The original "C" book by Kernighan and Ritchie (white cover with big blue "C" on it) is still a good place to start. Of course some features of "real" C are missing in PocketC (unions, enum, typedef, C style pointers), and some features of PocketC are missing from C (strings, reference variables, automatic type conversion), but all of the language structure is there.

Once you decide to use DLLs things start to get interesting. PocketC programs cannot directly call functions in DLLs designed to be called from programs written in Microsoft Visual C++ or evc. Instead you call functions in a DLL written in evc that expects functions to be called the PocketC way, then call the normal DLL entry points from there, doing any parameter manipulation that you want on the way.

GAPI is only available from Microsoft for the PocketPC platform (there is an emulator available for HPC), it provides a very raw access to the display. You may not be able to drive it fast enough for games from PocketC. Better to either use the blit functions from the GDI routines (either the PocketC standard library ones or the direct CE API call ones) or call the device driver enttry points via a DLL. This will give you access to the hardware blitter if one is available.

PocketC CE API interface:
PocketC CE API interface:
PCForm and CE API forum:
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Postby rantman on Sun Dec 02, 2001 3:31 am

get Palm Programming For The Absolute Beginner by andy harris. It's pocketC all the way through, and includes everything you need to start programming, + example code!

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