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Postby ajones on Wed Feb 07, 2001 9:32 am

Finally I have another release of Launch Pad, and this time it can generate "Launchers" for SH3, MIPS, and StrongARM devices. The application comes with generic support for those processors, plus I've released a bunch of PocketPC (SH3, ARM, and X86 Em) and H/PC Pro (SH4) "CPU" files so they can be built for as well.

Now I need some help. I have no idea what the differences between the PocketPC and Generic builds are. I have not released any of these files to the general public yet, so if you guys could run the app and try one or more of the resulting launchers and let me know how things work I'd really apreciate it.

Also I'm going to have one final release after this, so any suggestions on any part of the application would be apreciated as well.

For those who don't know, Launch Pad is a PocketC application that generates native code "Launchers". A launcher will launch anything that a device knows how to handle (.exe, .txt, .app, etc...). The advantage of using a launcher is full tray support (does this work with the pocketPCs? Does anyone use this?), parameter handling, and custom icons.

For PocketC apps this means your application can have it's own icon, accept command line parameters, and run the the tray (again, does anyone use this?) Both Pike, and Launch Pad use launchers.

Here are the releases, please try them and let me know! (Note that each release is capable of generating launchers for all platforms).

Others: (Non-native release, reduced functionality, but doesn't use a launcher)

In addition here is a zip file with the extra CPUs:

Instalation notes: Just unzip and copy the cab file to your device. Double tap on the cab file to install. For the additional CPUs (*.cpu files) just copy the files into the same directory as Launch Pad (probably \Program Files\OnHiatus\Launch Pad\"

Enjoy! And please give me feedback (especially as to if the CPU files are needed for PocketPC support!)

If you want for information you can try my Launch Pad web page - it's for the last release, but not much has changed besides the StrongARM support and the new CPU files.
Launch Pad Page:

Thanks, Tony (in Calcutta for another few hours)

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Postby ianf on Wed Feb 07, 2001 11:11 am

Hi Tony,
I did the install part on my iPaq. The app runs fine. Same problem at the top if you activate another app the title bar comes back. I had a quick run through the menus & everything fits but no time to use properly at the moment.

ps: India's a big place ( I read around the world in 80 days recently so I know )

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Postby Justinespinosa on Thu Feb 08, 2001 7:23 am

Thanks, it's exactlly what i was waiting for!!


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