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Postby jwdcs on Wed Feb 14, 2001 8:49 pm

Does anyone have WinCE code similar to those
on Palm OS (and Joseph Stadolnik's Toolbox:

bitmap(int x, int y, string bitmap_string) -
from a string instead of a file
tbitmap(int x, int y, string bitmap_string) -
transparent bitmap

Screen buffer functions:
SetDrawBuf(int buffer)
CopyRect(int src_buf, int dest_x, int dest_y, int src_x, int src_y, int width, int height, int mode, int zoom, int rotation)
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Postby psychic_treason on Sun Feb 18, 2001 10:39 pm

This is indeed a problem that I encountered several weeks ago.

Basically there are no functions that do this at the present time. From the discussion I had, it seems like the only way we would get them is to code it into a COM abject and use it that way.

It seems as though no one has enough time on their hands to go about producing COM objects to do this though.... I know I don't.

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Postby jwdcs on Tue Feb 20, 2001 1:51 pm

Thanks. I actually have now implemented them. Not the fastest code I'm sure, but
COM is not something I know anything about.
My bitmap() erases the rect, then calls
my tbitmap():

tbitmap(int x, int y, string bits) // from PToolboxLib for Palm OS
{ int i, len, x0, bitmapwidth, pixels;
bitmapwidth=16*hex2dec(strgetc(bits, 0)) + hex2dec(strgetc(bits, 1));
for (i=2; i<len; i++) {
pixels=hex2dec(strgetc(bits, i));
if (pixels>=8) SetPixel(x, y); // turn 1st pixel on
if ((pixels>=4 && pixels<=7) || pixels>=12) SetPixel(x+1, y); // turn 2nd pixel on
if (pixels==2 || pixels==3 || pixels==6 || pixels==7 || pixels==10 || pixels==11 || pixels==14 || pixels==15)
SetPixel(x+2, y); // turn 3rd pixel on (when n=2*odd or n=(2*odd)+1 )
if (!even(pixels)) SetPixel(x+3, y); // turn 4th pixel on
if (x>=x0+bitmapwidth) { x=x0; y++; }

For SetDrawBuf() and CopyRect(), I implemented just 1 offscreen buffer, as an array int buf[2560] and I use bit operations to set/get pixel settings in it for the single 240x320 buffer. My CopyRect() currently only implemented mode=0, no zoom or rotation, since this is all I need.
I've implemented drawrect(), frame(), frame2(), tbitmap(), bitmap() to work with either buffer 0 (screen) or 1 (offscreen buffer).
But not yet line(), ellipse(), etc...which I may need to do. If anyone ever does a COM version, which I assume would be faster, please let me know!
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