HELLO Any one from OrbWorks out there???

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Postby fredoak on Thu Jun 13, 2002 11:07 am

Hey Orbworks,
How about some feedback.
I love this product but without support or feedback it isn't going to go anywhere and just frustrates those of us that want to add additional functionality and help others.
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Postby Ca-Sa on Thu Jun 13, 2002 3:00 pm

Yes.... It is quite here! It's a little bit disappointing :(

Carsten Sandtner
Carsten Sandtner
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Postby johnkelly on Thu Jun 13, 2002 11:08 pm

Definitely quiet, but there are a few of us lurking hopefully out here...
John Kelly
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Postby dewey on Sun Jun 16, 2002 9:39 pm

We provide the forum primarily for users to communicate with and help each other. We offer most of our technical support via email, and are very serious about it.
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