How to set the date in a date/time picker

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Postby FrappyDan on Fri Dec 20, 2002 1:13 am

I'm writing an Expense manager and I have two systemtimedatepickers to select the start date and the end date. I figured this would be the "classy" way to get this info. It works but both controls always initially show with todays date in them or the last date selected. I want to set the start date calendar to a couple of weeks before the end date calendar and the end date calendar to the last date entered for a "quick summary" before showing them. I've checked windowsce docs and don't see a method or function for simply setting the date nor the message needed to initiate this action. Can anyone help?:?::?:

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Postby guy on Fri Dec 20, 2002 11:09 am

This should do it for you:

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// You need CEAPI to build the correct parameter for sendmsg():

#include "/pocketc/winbase.h"       // Defines SYSTEMTIME
#include "/pocketc/commctrl.h"      // Defines Date/time control messages

#define DSC_SYSTEMTIME "wwwwwwww"   // System time structure is 8 words

SYSTEMTIME rTime ;                  // Struct to hold date/time to set
LPVOID lpData ;                     // Pointer to binary version in real memory

rTime.wYear         = 2003 ;
rTime.wMonth        = 1 ;           // January
rTime.wDayOfWeek    = 0 ;           // You might have to work this out. 0=sunday
rTime.wDay          = 1 ;           // So January-1-2003
rTime.wHour         = 11 ;
rTime.wMinute       = 25 ;          // at 11:25
rTime.wSecond       = 0 ;           //  exactly
rTime.wMilliseconds = 0 ;           //   really, really exactly

// Allocate some real memory for a date/time struct

lpData = LocalAlloc(LPTR, sizeofx(DSC_SYSTEMTIME)) ;

// Copy the PocketC struct into real memory

memwriteStruct(&rTime, DSC_SYSTEMTIME, lpData) ;

// Send the date/time picker control a message to set its time

sendmsg(guiid_of_date_time_ctrl, DTM_SETSYSTEMTIME, lpData, GDT_VALID) ;

// Free up the real memory

LocalFree(lpData) ;

// All done

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