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Postby Snoid on Mon Feb 17, 2003 1:49 am

Hey yall, thanks for the last replies. Here's the big picture.

I'm a geographer and have been playing with palm GPS (geographic Positioning System) software. I now want to build relational data base programs and applications that aquire, store, and relate position data to field colection data. I.E at co-ordinate X, Y you can find a 360year old scotch pine in a cedar swamp with poor drainage. This program is going to have many stages to it, but first I need to positioning data. Any help, experience or resources with serial communication would help. Us beginers never learn to start small, so I'm forcing the tutorials but nothing about serial ports.

I have a Garming Etrex Vista GPS and a Palm IIIC. They have no trouble talking. Now I want to build my own APPS. I'm not looking for others to build it. I would like to use this meaningful project to learn C (PocketC), some answers I will seek, but would like resources to track down answers. Any help or sugestions would be great

The GPS sends continuous sentences (or strings) to the serial port.
These sentences adhere to continous standards
The palm can comunicate with the port
programs have been built in the past to interpret these sentences
one sentence is sent every second
the sentences loop (eg bellow)
I'm learning quickly

Sample data sent to serial (captured using hyperterminal):
$PGRMM,NAD27 Canada*2F
$PGRMM,NAD27 Canada*2F

Seprate Programming goals:
1. open serial port and print incomming data to output screen for at least one loop
2. divide input into seprate sentences
3. decode sentences (acording to NMEA 3.0 standards). Using coma separated values.
4. use data from $GPRMB to plot position on a graph using North, South, East, West
5. using graphics, draw a North arrow that moves when the GPS moves
6. build data base that can store selected data from selected sentences (I have no idea how C level D-Bases work).
7. Save d-bases as a file that can be dumped back to the PC on Hot Sync

These are just an overview of the project over the long term. I have to get past #1.

Progress to date
1. open serial port and have 0-255 value retunred (eg 236)
2. return succes on open serial
3. identify address of stored serial data

current code:
//GPS Monitor
/* ver 1.0
Dave Sampson
February, 2003

string gps_output;
seropen (4800, "8N1N", 4000);
gps_output = serrecv();
puts(gps_output); //returns 0 for success, other for fail
puts(!gps_output); //displays address of stored information
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Postby luisgarabo on Fri Mar 07, 2003 1:44 pm

Hola, mi nombre es Luis Enrique Garabito, soy de Mexico y yo estoy trabajando con una aplicacion muy parecida a la que intentas desarrollar, estoy en la etapa de comunicacion del GPS, yo tengo un Magellan, pero eso no tiene importancia. Lo que yo te aconsejo, es que utilices PToolboxLib, en esta libreria encontraras como construir, editar, consultar una base de datos, asemas que es muy sencillo de programas, y te aconsejo tambien que utilices Pilot-DB para crear tu base de datos y poder leerla en tu PC. Si tienes alguna duda, escribeme, posiblemente te pueda dar parte de mi codigo para que te ayudes un poco. mi correo es:

Espero que te sirva de algo esta informacion, hasta luego, bye.
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