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Postby Glasswalker on Thu Apr 05, 2001 9:24 pm

I just finished compiling my Neural Net program and it is working right (to some extent) now... the problem is... I compile it as a stand alone prc, using the desktop edition, and I run it on the palm... it works great until I try and run the neural net... and then it outputs the data fine... I then realised that there was an issue, so I changed the program to access the correct array. Now when I run the Neural Net I get the following error on the palm:

Virtual Machine Error:
ByteCode: 879
Global ref out of range

What does this mean? and how can I fix it???
I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could offer :)

thanks for your time.
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Postby tclarke on Thu Apr 05, 2001 10:56 pm

Usually means the indice being used is greater in value than the array... i.e., functionx[23] and the array is only 22 long...

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